Getting started on artificial intelligence projects can be difficult. Few people know what artificial intelligence is despite it having a great potential yield, but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you approach it correctly. It is about management taking responsibility and knowing what artificial intelligence is. The management must then decide what to use it for and ensure the implementation of a structured pilot program before embarking on full implementation. All based on a “think big, start small” philosophy. Faarup and Partners have developed a 5-phase model that is very suitable for getting started.

  • Knowledge in management about what artificial intelligence is and deciding what to use it for
  • Overview of what an artificial intelligence solution requires from employees, partners and customers and plan on how to get involved
  • Selection of pilot projects with potential for full scale implementation
  • Deployment of pilot with greatest potential
  • Revised strategy for the use of artificial intelligence
  • Discovery workshop
  • The course of innovation
  • Implementation of pilot projects
  • Deployment of pilot to full production
  • Strategy revision

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