Management, psychology and business – in a completely new and unique combination

Too many transformations and changes are unsuccessful, in fact up to 70%, several statistics show. And many employees get sick when exposed to an endless series of meaningless changes. It is a huge waste of money, resources and opportunities. But there are solutions on this when you combine disciplineelements within management, psychology and economics.


Get your leadership toolbox upgraded and be able to manage transformations that will be sustainable on all parameters:

  • Make the unpredictable more predictable
  • Maintain the overview, and act and communicate realistically based on this
  • Ensure a process that meets both business and human needs
  • Lead the organization to realize to a greater extent the expected effects of a change
  • Create psychological security and experience meaning among the employees
  • Maintain your own and your organizations resilience

As a leader, you must deliver results and ensure that the tasks are solved within the given frameworks and conditions. It places great demands on the individual manager to deal with complex conditions and expectations, while staying robust, sharp and motivated, with the desire and enthusiasm to make decisions without getting tired and burnt out. We address this through these main themes:

  • Leading transformations and changes – from a to z
  • Your own robustness
  • Be sharp on business cases and benefit realization
  • Leadership supporting resilience

Most of it are skills that can be learned with practice and training. What is new is the combination of these.


The course is conducted over 3 teaching days, each of which has both a business and a psychological focus. The teaching method will consist of a mix of short theory presentations, group discussions, film clips and a series of concrete exercises.


You are the manager / decision maker in relation to transformations and changes and have personnel responsibility. Your level is as a business manager, director, department manager, center manager or equivalent. You need new knowledge and inspiration in order to master the best and most recognized methods and tools, so you can navigate effectively in a work life where changes plays a big part.


The course will be conducted internally within the company, and can be tailored to a current situation or as a general competency boost.

There can be from 6 – 20 participants.

Resilient transformations

You are taught by Eva Hertz, psychologist, Ph.D. and founder of the Danish Center for Mental Robustness, as well as Henrik Faarup, founder and managing partner of Faarup & Partners.

Eva Hertz
Henrik Faarup

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