Digital transformation is about ensuring the organization’s continued development. Many leaders find that it can be difficult to implement the necessary changes but are aware that the leadership responsibility for digital transformation cannot be delegated, as it is about business transformation and not just about technology.

Leadership is having an overview, setting direction, leading the way and being proactive. To demonstrate digital leadership is to lead the organization safely through the digital transformation, to understand the need for new skills and to be aware of the technological requirements and opportunities. But with common sense and both feet on the ground.

Our approach at Faarup & Partners is practical. We have developed the above model with associated toolbox. It is based on many years of accumulated experience, where we, based on the organization’s current situation, identify opportunities for improvement measured against “best practice”, and come up with recommendations for concrete actions. We have a keen eye for the fact that it is about realizing benefits and ensuring the necessary changes in the organization.

We can participate in all phases of a digital transformation – including:

  • Complete the course Digital leadership in practice
  • Run a practically oriented workshop based on the above model
  • Carry out a sanity check of the company’s digital leadership
  • Assist with the implementation of digitization projects
  • Development of the necessary level of competence in the organization
  • Analysis of benefits and costs for digital transformation
  • Expansion or acquisition of the right technological platform

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