It is important to make sure that realistic plans are made early on, so that you from there can focus on realizing the benefits of the initiated transformations and projects.
For this purpose, we have – based on international standards and “best practices” – developed the above Concept of Benefits Realization, which has been recognized for its operational and pragmatic approach.

With a systematic approach based on this concept you will achieve:

  • Being sure that all the quantitative and qualitative benefits are identified
  • Coherence between goal, challenges and solution.
  • Dynamic transformation plans to be seen across benefits, process, organization.
  • Transparency of data and assumptions over time.
  • The Business Case is always up to date.
  • Metrics for measuring benefits and KPIs over time
  • The resources are allocated to the right projects
  • The benefits are distribued with regard to organization and scope
  • The right benefit owners are appointed, and they will take on the responsibility

Our advisory includes:

  • Implementing the Concept for Benefits Realization within a department, an organization or the whole company
  • Developing and maintaining benefits realization plans for specific projects
  • Conducting Benefits Reviews for ongoing projects
  • ½- or 1-day Benefits Realization workshop for leaders, projects and employees within the company.

The concept is currently is use in several large public and Danish C20 companies, including City of Copenhagen, University of Copenhagen, Ankestyrelsen, Rockwool, FLSmidth, Copenhagen Airports and GN Store Nord.

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