Because as the manager and decisionmaker, you have the responsibility and must understand what opportunities and risks digitization entails

As a manager it can be difficult to approach digital development. Which technologies should you be aware of? What skills are needed? What short- and long-term benefits can be expected? How does it affect your organization? How to understand the opportunities and take responsibility for implementing digitization in practice.


You get up-to-date digitization knowledge that focuses on business and leadership. You will get an understanding of your own and your organization’s digital maturity. We give you insights and a toolbox in order for you to understand how to turn your digital transformation into a business transformation. After the course we give you the opportunity for 1-1 sparring on your specific challenges based on the exercises you have completed. You will get answers to the following questions:

  • How are your digital skills?
  • What is the connection between digital maturity and value creation?
  • Which technologies do you need to understand – and why?
  • How do you identify the “low-hanging fruits”?

The course consists of 4 modules that will be worked on through the intensive course:

Module 1: Introduction to digital leadership – self-assessment versus desired state

  • Your competence profile in relation to digital transformation based on a recognized dialogue tool (to be carried out before the start of the course)
  • We will focus on Strategy, Technology, Organization and Leadership.

Module 2: New business models – cases everyone can learn from

  • Digital and physical channels
  • Cases where digitization provides completely new opportunities to collect and process data that relates to customer behavior

Module 3: The most important digital technologies the leader should know

  • The development of technologies – what can we do today and what does the future bring?
  • Artificial intelligence – from data to knowledge and value
  • IoT – what is it and why it matters to you?
  • How do you manage your cyber security?

Module 4: How to get started with projects

  • How to avoid a digital “hangovers”?
  • Application of practical model for digital leadership

The course runs over one intensive day with the possibility of 1-1 sparring afterwards in the participant’s own company. Before the course, a self-evaluation is carried out. The course will be carried out with a mix of short theory presentations, group discussions, film clips, cases and a number of concrete exercises. The course is practical and incorporates the participants’ own experiences.


The course is aimed at leaders like you who

  • Has business responsibilities and wants more knowledge about digitization and what digital leadership entails.
  • Sits on a board and wants to add more value to discussions about digitization.
  • Would like to know more about the technologies behind and understand what goes on in the “engine room”.

The training will be held in-house at a time that best suits you

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The training will be conducted by senior partners from Faarup & Partners, who have extensive practical experience from management positions in Danish and international companies, including technology knowledge from many business-critical projects.

Please feel free to contact one of the instructors:

Sven Kolstrup                    Jørgen Suhr

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