Let us take you to the next level within value creation – and enable you to make faster and better decisions.

Experience shows that all too many transformations – that could be within digitalization, going green, sustainability or large infrastructure projects – do not create the value that was expected when they were launched. The consequence is a waste of resources and opportunities – as well as large financial losses.

Target group

This training is a must-have for anyone working on transformations and projects – whether you are in an agile environment, located centrally or decentralized, or working on construction, IT, change or business projects.

At the traning you will learn

  • To master the disciplines of Business Cases, Benefit Realization and Portfolio Management, which are absolutely central to the success of transformations and projects.
  • To create certainty that the resources are used on the right projects – and the planned benefits are realized.
  • To ensure realistic decision-making – with a focus on leadership, change and value creation.

Why is it important?

  • You will be able to make faster and better decisions – before launch and during implementation – both in regard to the individual project and across a portfolio.
  • With greater certainty, you can act and communicate more realistically.
  • The organization benefits from focusing on the right projects and focusing on the results.


The curriculum consists of an interaction of short theory presentations, group discussions, film clips and a number of concrete exercises. The course is based on practical examples and includes the participants’ individual experiences.


A special website is created for each event, where you can access the course documents: Presentations with concepts, models and a toolbox with examples of solutions. Furthermore, templates with generic presentations and spreadsheets for assessments and analysis, as well as film clips, results of exercises, articles, list of participants and references.

See Learning Objectives, Content and Program:

A flexible setup for efficient upskilling:

  • Tailored: The modules can be combined and tailored so they address your specific needs.
  • On-demand: We are flexible so we can run the traning when it suits you.
  • Physical or online: We can come to your premises or run the traning at a quite outside place. We can also run the modules as online training.
  • Duration: If physical 1 to 3 days depending on your needs and number of modules. Online modules takes 2-3 hours each, on separate days.
  • Price: Fill in the form below and get an attractive quote.

Highly experienced instructors

Ensuring value creation is the DNA of Faarup & Partners, and the company is among the most experienced specialists in the field. Your instructors are senior partners, and they have both professional, practical and top management experience from large companies:

Henrik Faarup is the founder and managing partner of Faarup & Partners since 2002, and advises large companies at a strategic and tactical level in leading projects and transformations. He was previously director of Capgemini for 15 years. He is an engineer from the Danish Technical University and has a Graduate Diploma in Organization from Copenhagen Business School.

Jes Mejlby Jørgensen has been a senior partner since 2006. He advises in Digital Leadership and Sourcing, and has taught several hundred participants in Business Cases and Benefit Realization. He has more than 30 years of management experience from international companies, including 20 years as CIO of the ISS. He has a Graduate Diploma in Organization from Copenhagen Business School.

If you have a question don’t hesitate to contact one of the instructors: Henrik Faarup or Jes Mejlby Jørgensen

Mastering Value Creation