In niche areas, we provide expert services at the same level as the large consulting companies, but which pay much better off. Because we effectively reuse our knowledge and always provide the strongest line-up of super-experienced consultants who have solved problems of similar difficulty in large companies. We know what works and focus always on solving the customer’s unique problem.

Unique style and character

We were established in 2002 and have offices in a charming building from 1796, downtown Copenhagen, on the corner of Vestergade and Gl. Torv. Feel free to come by for a visit.

Value for money

We integrate all our knowledge and experiences – from many years – in our expert services, which are adapted to the individual customer. This kind of recycling makes us competitive.

We have a sense of humor

We have a reputation for being innovative, proactive, reliable, and continuing until the job is done. We challenge traditional approaches and often set the agenda within current topics.

Niche areas

We have worked intensively for more than 15 years to ensure value creation in projects, often with a technology and/or top management focus. We also work a lot with sourcing.

Easy access to experience

We have several loyal clients whom we take to new levels. They appreciate our pleasant, profes-sionally competent and experienced style. And we manage to simplify without oversimplifying.


Our clients can achieve extraordinary results through access to our network of state-of-the-art niche companies and independents, and to the synergy we create together.