We can be part of your projects, for instance as

  • An advisor and sparring partner at strategic and tactical level.
  • A resource for the practical completion of tasks.
  • A management responsible – for a project or temporarily for a role.
  • An external steering committee member.

Lars Severin Klausen

 Søren Mølby Henriksen Sven Kolstrup  Mark BansholtNiels Kahl Andersen

Eva Hertz Helen Kobæk Johannes Luef

We all have a senior background and plenty of hands-on experience leading and implementing change, programs and projects in major public and/or private companies. In addition, each of us have heavy experience in executing and getting the tasks solved.

You will have access to a unique team that:

  • Cover broadly in terms of industries and business processes, and have “been there themselves”.
  • Have an overview and analytical sense, are responsible and sef-thinking.
  • Make an impact as a manager and feel naturally at home at at all organizational levels.

Meet our team of Senior partners and Associated partners.

All of them have extensive specialist knowledge within one or more areas, and combined with Faarup & Partners’ DNA, it creates lots of synergy, so we effectively together can address both complex and very special needs, including

  • Sustainable procurement
  • Anti-Money laundering
  • Cyber resilience

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