Did you know that a very large part of all projects do not go as planned? And often an overview is missing, so the wrong projects take up resources, people succumb to pressure, and the effects of the right projects fail. Think about the corresponding waste of money, resources and opportunities!


If your answer to one of the questions below is “no”, you should do a review as soon as possible:

  • Do you have an overview of the overall project portfolio and clarity on whether these are the right projects to spend resources on?
  • Do you know the benefits of the projects and their realization?
  • Do you focus on leadership, change and value creation – or do you focus on the traditional project management dimensions – time, cost, functions?
  • Are the projects rooted in management and does it play a proactive role in the steering committee?
  • Does the business own the business cases, are they kept up to date, and are they an integral part of the project reporting?
  • Do you have “the human factor” in control – i.e. the human implications, and are the right people involved?

There are various services that can be used in a review depending on the current situation:

  • We have extensive experience with reviews of IT, change and business projects, and thus we can view them in several dimensions and make recommendations to get back on track.
  • We can do a critical review of the project portfolio and calculate the consequences: It is dangerous not to get the right projects started and stop the bad ones.
  • We can work with the steering committee – its composition and training. We can for example engage with a professional steering committee member for a period of time and provide feedback along the way.
  • If there are no gains, we can
    • Conduct a Benefits Realization Survey – it consists of 15 questions which reveal where to intervene.
    • Implement a Benefits Review: The results are summarized in a Benefits Realization Plan that consists of actual findings and agreed on or recommended actions.
    • Do a Benefits Realization Workshop for a project or department.
  • Work systematically on setting up alternative scenarios – including business cases and benefits realization plans – when deciding on important projects.

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